About Us

Welcome to loveblankets! We hope that a sleepless night hasn’t brought you here but unfortunately, it’s a problem many people have in our modern world. People with mental disorders suffer from lack of sleep even more, and weighted blankets can be a great help with getting a good night’s sleep.

My own child suffers from autism and my partner and I have had many a sleepless night while our son tosses and turns. We discovered weighted blankets through complete chance, and the difference was amazing. After our discovery we knew we had to spread the word to as many people as we could, so we started a small blog trying to spread the word about the benefits of these blankets to the world.

While running our blog many of the questions would be the same: Where can we get a good weighted blanket? We kept telling people where we’d found ours, but the question kept coming up. We spotted a chance here to do more than just tell people about blankets, so we decided to get into the business of selling them.

Loveblankets is still run mainly by just my husband and I. We try to source good quality products at reasonable prices and get them to our customers as quickly as possible. Sometimes we need to get a few of our good friends to help us out, but we hope that over time we can grow to be one of the largest weighted blanket stores on the internet.

So if you’ve been learning about weighted blankets and haven’t got your own yet, take a look through our collection and get back to a good night’s sleep!