What is Minky Fleece?

Blanket manufacturers and makers are continually searching for new materials to try. It may be a single fabric, or they’ll try to combine different sheets to produce a unique product. It’s necessary because they must strive to offer something new every now and then. If they won’t, they’ll lose their most loyal customers and won’t gain new ones.

Their blankets, whether ordinary or weighted, should stand out from the competition. 

It’s always every blanket maker’s or manufacturer’s biggest challenge. They must think outside the box and try to offer something unique. It’s the only way they can capture their buyer’s attention.

Consumers, on the other hand, are also doing the same thing. They’re even on the look-out for a new offering that will catch their attention. They’ll turn to the internet, particularly social media platforms, to check for the latest trends.

After all, a blanket should pamper them to sleep.  It’s a necessity that buyers can choose to indulge in. That’s where blankets made of minky fleece come in.

What is minky fabric made of?

Minky is made of 100% polyester fabric, much like fleece but only softer, bumpier, and thicker.

Polyester is a synthetic material that doesn’t absorb much water and is more durable than cotton. It keeps you warm because polyester is not a breathable kind of fabric.

Minky fabric is stretchable, does not shrink, and washing machine safe. Their inherent softness makes it an ideal material for baby blankets.

It’s also possible to applique minky sheets. Applique is when different designs like letters or shapes are sewn into the fabric. An excellent idea for children’s blankets since the applique can be their favorite cartoon characters. It entices them to use their blankets every night.

What is fleece fabric made of?

Fleece is a soft and fuzzy fabric made of 100% polyester.

A durable fabric that resists moisture and dries quickly. It’s still breathable even when wet that’s why fleece is considered as a high-tech and high-performance textile.

It's a lightweight material that will effectively keep you warm even in harsh weather conditions. Fleece is one of the main materials for jackets being worn by mountain climbers and hikers.

Ideal for sweaters, jackets, blankets, mittens, or anything where a wool-like material is needed.

What is minky fleece?

Minky Fleece is a lightweight fabric and the combination of fleece and minky fabrics.

On one side is the minky fabric and on the opposite end is fleece. The fleece sheet covers the bottom side of the minky to hide the hollow portions of the dots or embossed designs. You get to enjoy two different textures to suit your preferences. You can choose from either dotted or fuzzy textures.

Their combination makes it an ideal blanket for people living in places with colder climates.

Taking care of your minky fleece blanket

Proper care and maintenance for your minky fleece fabric will only make it last longer. Think of it as a form of investment so you can use and enjoy it longer. Doing otherwise will only yield disastrous results and cost you more money. Buying another one comes at such a high cost.

Pre-wash the fabric to soften the stains for easy removal during the main wash cycle.

After pre-washing, be sure to select low heat and delicate settings during machine wash. Once the entire wash cycle is over, hang it to dry or air-dry. Using the dryer of your washing machine will only cause pilling. It is caused by friction during the entire washing cycle.

No ironing is required as the direct application of too much heat only damages the fabric.

Bobbling or pilling is the forming of small balls on the fabric’s surface due to the improper way of caring for the fleece fabric.

It’s an ugly sight to look at and causes the blanket to lose its smooth texture. The feature that made you buy it in the first place.   

How to prevent pilling on your minky fleece fabrics or blankets?

  1. Always select the gentlest cycle on your washing machine.

Gentle cycles are quicker than regular washing cycles.

  1. Don’t overload the washing machine.

It's best if you wash your minky fleece blanket alone. Give it more space to move around the drum during washing. The minky sheet also gets very heavy once soaked in water. It’s better if you wash it alone so the load won’t go beyond your washing machine’s capacity.

  1. Avoid using bleach or harsh cleaners.

Only use mild detergents to prevent skin irritation and avoid damaging the fabric.

  1. Don’t use a fabric softener

The effect of the fabric softener will just cause the minky sheet to lose its softness.

  1. Avoid using the dryer

The tossing and tumbling during the drying cycle create friction that’s responsible for the damages. Let it dry the traditional way. You’ll save money on lesser energy bills. Your clothes and blankets will last a long time too.

How to remove bobbling and pilling?

Use a razor, a pair of scissors, or a fuzz remover to remove the little balls that formed on the surface.

It’s best to do this manually so you can avoid damaging your blanket any further. It will be a lengthy process so better take your time. Come to think of it as an enjoyable activity to restore your blanket to its former glory.