• Different Fabric Materials

    What makes a blanket great is the type of material used. It must be soft. Anything other than that is not an ideal blanket material. Why is it so?
  • Blankets That Stay Cool

    The type of blankets that people use must be specific to the current season in their area. It would be illogical to use a thick blanket during summer or a thin one during winter. To be comfortable, the use of blankets must maintain the right body temperature.
  • How Much Do Weighted Blankets Cost?

    In general, weighted blankets are more expensive than regular ones. Since the two are not the same, it’s best to outlay their distinct differences. When it comes to regular blankets, every aspect of the production process is much less complicated. Once the fabric is cut to size, it’s pretty much done. It only needs a few more touches to get it ready for selling.
  • Getting Smells Out of Blankets

    The smell of cat or dog urine is hard to eliminate once it has dried up. It becomes the source of awkward and uncomfortable situations in your home. The foul odor will turn off anyone who gets near your blanket. You tried every experimental concoction you can think of in washing your blanket to get rid of the smell to no avail. Your best option, it would seem, is to throw your blanket away to get rid of the stinking odor. It’s the easiest way out, and all you have to do next is buy another blanket.
  • Removing Animal Hair from Blankets

    Owning a pet is a beautiful experience. They shower you with unconditional love, provide companionship, and an unwavering sense of loyalty. These characteristics make it impossible for you not to do the same. In return, you feed and nourish them, provide shelter, and even consider them as an extended member of the family.
  • Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket

    Whenever you are planning to buy something, choosing the best item to buy is always the hardest part.  Knowing you have too many options is overwhelming. Your most likely response is to delay your purchase. Sometimes, delaying your decision can be beneficial. You need time to think of the most logical choice. Other times, it can also backfire because you might end up not making any decision at all. 
  • What are the Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

    The rising popularity of the use of weighted blankets is undeniable. There are reasons why a trend becomes a viral and global hit. For something as mundane as a blanket, the uninitiated would raise their eyebrows in disbelief.
  • What is a Weighted Blanket?

    Weighted blankets. You may have noticed this term in your social media newsfeed or read an article about it somewhere while you were surfing the internet.