• How to Make Blankets Soft Again

    Is your favorite blanket no longer the way it was when you first bought it? You need to understand the exact cause why it's no longer soft. It has something to do with the fabric’s properties and the way you maintained your blankets. Cleaning it the wrong way only damages the materials. 
  • What is Chenille Fabric?

    Throughout history, some inventions changed the world for the better. It significantly changed and influenced how we do things today.
  • Weighted Blankets for Children

    There’s no denying the fact that the use of weighted blankets has gone mainstream. It’s no longer just for children with special needs. Healthy adults and children alike can also benefit from deep pressure touch stimulation. It’s a form of therapy that relaxes any individual who puts on a weighted blanket, vest, or lap pad over a period of time.
  • Make Your Own Weighted Blanket

    People have just realized how useful and beneficial weighted blankets are. It’s one of the main reasons why their popularity has gone mainstream.
  • Keeping Blankets Fluffy

    Keeping the condition of your blanket when you first bought it is always a challenge. Maintaining and knowing how to do it correctly holds the key to ensuring it stays true to form. You get to use the blanket and enjoy its prominent features for a long time.  
  • How to Dry a Blanket?

    Drying is necessary after washing your blanket. Using a wet blanket won’t help you sleep for it makes you uncomfortable. Sleeping with a damp blanket warms your body that causes you to sweat. You'll know it's not completely dry because of the unpleasant smell.
  • How Heavy should my Weighted Blanket be?

    First-time buyers of weighted blankets should know that there are guidelines that help them make the right choice. They should take the time to study their options before deciding. It’s crucial because weighted blankets are not ordinary items.
  • History of Weighted Blanket

    Weighted blankets recently rose to prominence because people around the world welcomed it with open arms. Especially the ones who have sleep or anxiety issues.
  • Calming down an Autistic Child

    When adults become parents, things become a little bit more challenging. Caring for your child is the biggest challenge that comes with parenthood. It comes with the territory once you become one.
  • Benefits of Autism

    People need to stop thinking that Autism is a flaw and needs to be corrected. Autism is not taken as a blessing but instead viewed as a hardship. A popular misconception is that if people with autism have prodigious skills, these skills are often considered impractical and serve no value when it comes to improving their worth or intellect.
  • Are Weighted Blankets Safe?

    Every household item can serve you well if used correctly. If you ignore safety rules, it can be dangerous. Understanding the item's purpose should guide you on how to use it properly. It lets you know the possible consequences of every action.
  • Why do we use Blankets?

    Sleeping is a vital process that helps the human body repair itself. It's highly advisable to get around six to eight hours of sleep every night. You need it to stay healthy and happy. Scientific studies prove that and medical experts all agree in unison.