How Much Do Weighted Blankets Cost?

In general, weighted blankets are more expensive than regular ones.

Since the two are not the same, it’s best to outlay their distinct differences.

When it comes to regular blankets, every aspect of the production process is much less complicated. Once the fabric is cut to size, it’s pretty much done. It only needs a few more touches to get it ready for selling.

For weighted blankets, the production process is much more complicated. It requires at least two sheets of fabric to make it possible to stuff the filling materials inside. Sewing the cloth and stuffing the filling materials are both time-consuming and labor-intensive. The cost of the raw materials, mainly the fillers, justifies the disparity in price. As the blanket’s size and weight goes up, so does the price.

Things like the quality, comfort level, features, brand name, etc. affect its selling price.

How much does a weighted blanket cost?

Weighted blankets cost anywhere from $100 to $300.

A five-pound blanket for kids is worth $129.99 while the heaviest variant, weighing 30 pounds, costs $249. A five-pound weighted blanket costs up to four times than your regular $30 quilts. The price can still go up depending on the brand and a host of other factors.

That’s how wide the gap is between your regular and weighted blankets. 

Why is the gap that wide?

Filling materials cost around $2 to $5 per pound. It’s only natural that heavier blankets are expensive. For the fabric, they’ll cost you around $8 to $14 per yard. A yard of cloth measures 36 inches (length) by 44 inches (width). Let’s say that a worker earning an hourly rate of $15 per hour needs at least 4 hours to complete the project from scratch.

Let’s try to compute how much is the total production cost of a 44”x72”, 20-pound blanket.

Cost of Materials:

20 pounds of filling materials

Minimum: At $2 per pound; $2/pound x 20 pounds = $40

Maximum: At $5 per pound; $5/pound x 20 pounds = $100.

4 yards of fabric

Minimum: At $8 per yard; $8/yard x 4 yards = $32

Maximum: At $14 per yard; $14/yard x 4 yards = $56

Labor costs:

$15/hour x 4 hours; the labor cost is $60

With these figures, let’s try to compute the initial value.

Minimum: $40 + $32 + $60 = $132

Maximum: $100 + $56 +$60 = $216

Take note that the other costs like operational and miscellaneous expenses are not included in the sample computation. The figures used are just estimates. It’s meant to help you understand why weighted blankets cost more than your regular blankets.

Should I buy a weighted blanket?

Now that you understand why weighted blankets fetch such a high price, do you still want to own one?

Some people find it hard to justify buying an expensive blanket. If you’re one of those people, give yourself a fun challenge. It will take your mind off from the prohibitive price tag and focus more on your needs.

It’s easier to buy an expensive item when you know you really need it. You won’t feel any buyer’s remorse because you did not buy it impulsively. You bought it to fulfill a need.

Give yourself a challenge for 30 days. It’s best to do this at the start of the month for easier tracking. You can also do this immediately if you’re the type of person who doesn’t shy away from fun challenges.

Your 30-day fun challenge goes this way. Over the specified period, give or take away a set amount, say $10. You’ll save $10 for every night you had trouble sleeping. You take away the same amount each time you merely dozed off to sleep.

Track how many nights you had trouble sleeping and the times you didn’t.

If you had trouble sleeping 20 or more times, you have at least $200 saved. It’s enough to buy yourself a weighted blanket. If the recommended weighted blanket for you costs more than $200, shipping costs included, just add a little amount to complete your purchase.

If you merely dozed off 20 or more times, there’s no need for you to buy a blanket.

Sounds doable, right? 

The key takeaway of this challenge is for you to know if you should be buying or not. It will help you drown out the noise people are saying about weighted blankets. Base your buying decision on your needs and not on what other people are saying.

Why weighted blankets are worth it

Medical professionals in the mental health community use it to treat their patients. Using a weighted blanket offers more benefits than your standard sheets. There are scientific studies, and findings to back up the benefits weighted blankets provide. It is for this very reason that their popularity has gone mainstream.

After all, getting a good night’s sleep is priceless.   

Aside from giving you a good night’s sleep, they also help you relax. Something that most people are struggling to achieve. Given today’s demanding work conditions and busy lifestyles.

Being able to rest and relax when you want is a handy life skill.

It can go a long way toward helping you stay mentally and physically healthy. Staying healthy enables you to enjoy life to the fullest.

The hefty price tag is not because of their popularity, but because of the total production costs. 

The benefits they offer should help convince you that it’s worth it.

The question you should answer now is, have you decided on the right weighted blanket to buy?