Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Trends that suddenly become viral will always have its fair share of skeptics. It’s only natural for people to take all the positive and negative feedback at face value.

Fake news is so prevalent these days that you can’t determine which is right and isn’t. You should know how to assess the integrity of the things you hear or read on news websites and internet articles. You ask yourself, “do weighted blankets really work?”

It is for your own good that you know how to filter the useful information that comes your way. Look at things objectively before deciding if they’re worth your attention or not.

When they’re backed by scientific studies and findings, things suddenly become a little bit more interesting. Convincing yourself that it’s worth a try becomes less of a struggle and more of a path towards learning something new. 

In the case of weighted blankets, occupational therapists have been using them for a long time already. They use it to help their patients, like kids with autism or hyperactive disorders, feel better.

The same thing goes for individuals suffering from too much stress or anxiety. Sleep deprivation is not something you would want. The lack of sleep can open the doors to other health problems down the road. When it becomes a chronic condition, never shy away from seeking medical intervention immediately.

People want to be healthy. They know that their ability to enjoy life depends on it.

It only goes to show you why the use of weighted blankets has gone mainstream. The sheer number of people who go through these problems every day just makes it a handy relaxation tool.

With the internet's global reach and massive appeal, news updates can travel faster than the speed of light. Because people are always online to check their social media accounts, groundbreaking news or updates get shared instantly. 

Do weighted blankets really work?

Why are weighted blankets great for treating stress, anxiety, and sensory processing disorders?

Scientific research proves that firm pressing, hugging, stroking, or squeezing different parts of the human body causes the sensory receptors to send signals that activate the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s what Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) does to the body.

The parasympathetic nervous system is just one of the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system. Sometimes it is also called the rest and digest system, it conserves your body’s energy by slowing down your heart rate when activated. The other one is the sympathetic system that’s responsible for your fight or flight response during stressful situations.

The grounding effect you feel when using the blanket lets you focus on the present moment. Users cannot help but feel safe and protected.

Parents, guardians, and caretakers of kids with special needs can tell you how these blankets changed their lives for the better. The same for individuals who are suffering from too much stress or anxiety.

Have you ever noticed that your breathing slows down automatically when you’re in a relaxed state?

The same thing also happens when someone’s giving you a body massage. You unknowingly close your eyes, relax, and try to go to sleep because you feel it’s the most natural thing to do. It’s because your parasympathetic nervous system is at work. Using a weighted blanket activates the parasympathetic nervous system that makes it easy for you to relax and fall asleep.

Breakthrough products always have something in common. They help solve a problem that a lot of people are going through presently.

The rising demand and popularity aren’t due to marketing hype. Instead, it is the people’s desperate response for a practical solution to their pressing needs or wants.

Points to consider

Even if the use of weighted blankets has been proven to help you relax, you also need to employ changes to your habits for the better.

It’s also practical to set realistic expectations. Weighted blankets don’t work for everyone. Some people find the extra weight too heavy and restricting while other people find it relaxing.

The user’s individual preferences play a significant role in how the blanket works to their advantage or disadvantage.

Having access to resources that help you sleep is not a valid excuse to keep practicing the bad habits. You need to change how you approach sleep to enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

Five things you need to do so you can fall asleep easier.

  1. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks past 6PM.

Drinking coffee past 6pm will keep you alert and awake. What you should is to try resisting the urge to drink coffee. Try drinking a cup of chamomile tea instead for it has sleep-inducing ingredients.  

  1. Avoid exercising heavily four hours before bedtime.

Doing heavy exercise will pump you up. You need to let your body and mind relax so you can easily doze off once it’s time to sleep. 

  1. Stop Tinkering with your gadgets an hour before bedtime.

The light emitted from your gadget’s screen will keep your brain alert. Although there are apps that filter blue light, it’s best if you develop the habit of reading a book as you’re trying to fall asleep.

  1. Let go of negative things and emotion

Stop thinking about your problems. Clear your mind and think about your issues in the morning instead. You’ll have more energy to spare as you’re fully rested. Focus on solving them than one by one instead of solving them all at once.  

  1. Commit to your bedtime schedule.

Force yourself to finish all activities an hour before your scheduled bedtime. It will allow you to relax mentally and physically. Once this routine becomes a habit, sleeping will be much more comfortable as your body clock is now accustomed to its new schedule. Avoid Staying past your bedtime schedule.

Should I buy a weighted blanket or try making my own?

If budget is tight, you can try going the DIY route. Make sure that you’re committed to finishing your weighted blanket project on time. Buying the materials will cost you money and making it will take time.

You will end up losing a lot of money if you won’t commit to finishing your DIY project once you’ve bought all the raw materials. It also rings true if your blanket-making skills are rudimentary.

Buying a ready-made weighted blanket, on the other hand, is more convenient than making your own.

You’re sure of the quality and craftsmanship compared to a DIY weighted blanket. You just need to know the recommended size and weight, and you’re all set. If you don’t have an idea, you can ask the store manager or sales attendant if your planning to buy the traditional way.

If you want to buy online and just wait for the item to arrive at your doorstep, make sure to look it up. Read published blog articles to know the nuances about weighted blankets. Always aim to make an informed choice as weighted blankets cost more than the standard ones.

If you don’t know where to start looking, there’s always Google to provide the answers you’re looking for. Almost everyone would do this before coming up with a decision.

Where can I buy weighted blankets?

Today, you have two options when buying an item. Your first choice is to buy it the traditional way. The second one is through online shopping.

Check your nearest shopping malls or specialty stores if you want to inspect the item before buying. Don't be afraid or become too shy in asking a lot of questions. In this way, it helps you determine if you should be buying or not.

Take note of the care instructions, for they will help you care for your precious blanket.

If you prefer to shop with convenience, you have a lot of options to choose from when buying online. There’s Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. You can also visit the manufacturer’s websites or Ecommerce stores.

Both options come with its set of pros and cons.

Buying the traditional way may be more cumbersome, but you get to check, feel, and try the blanket first-hand.

Buying online may be convenient, but there’s always the risk of the delivered item not meeting your expectations. Be realistic and consider the shipping costs as part of your budget as well as the delivery timeframe.

Go for sellers that enjoy a high trust rating from their past customers. It’s the only way you can protect your own interests based on the testimonials from their previous clients.