Different Fabric Materials

What makes a blanket great is the type of material used. It must be soft. Anything other than that is not an ideal blanket material.

Why is it so?

The simple answer is, blankets should help you relax. To do that, you must find them comfortable. Using your blanket should allow you to rest peacefully and sleep like a baby. 

However, no two persons are alike.

Individual preferences vary per person. There are some who like it soft because they have sensitive skin while others are seemingly comfortable with whatever it is they can get their hands on.

Here are the different types of fabric and their properties.


A 100% natural product that keeps you fresh all day because of its breathability. Absorbs and releases perspiration quickly. Does not cause skin irritations because it is soft and supple.


A 100% synthetic material that’s more durable than cotton. Keeps you warm because it’s not a highly absorbent material.


A cotton-like fabric because of its a soft texture and highly-absorbent qualities. Can be 100% natural or synthetic. Sometimes, it’s made of 50% natural and 50% synthetic materials. Flannel blankets keep you warm.


The fibers come from the flax plant which is highly absorbent. Linen is much like cotton, but the manufacturing process is more labor-intensive; thus, making it more expensive than cotton.


A silk-like fabric but much cheaper. One side is glossy while the other one looks dull and ordinary. Ideal for those who want a premium look at an affordable price.


An expensive fabric because of its premium appearance and smooth texture. The ideal choice for wealthy individuals living in warm climates.


Another fabric made from 100% polyester. Minky is just like fleece, which keeps you warm, only it is much thicker and softer.


Taken from animal hair such as sheep, goats, or rabbits. Wool readily absorbs water and does not catch fire immediately. They’re chosen mainly for their fire-retardant qualities.


Made of polyester and with a texture like a sheep’s wool. The ideal choice for people living in cold areas.

Choosing the type of fabric for your blanket should depend on where you live and your personal preferences. Knowing their inherent properties helps you identify which ones you need to have in your closet.

The best fabric for baby blanket

Hands down, cotton is the best material for a baby blanket. It is soft, hypoallergenic, highly-absorbent, and breathable. Babies have sensitive skin and need to sleep most of the time.

When you buy a blanket made of cotton, it won’t restrict their movement and keeps them comfortable for hours because it’s a breathable material.

Washing also isn’t a problem because they’re washing machine safe and dries quickly.

What is the softest blanket material?

The softest blanket material would be silk. During the ancient times, they’re the fabric of choice for emperors and royal families. Today, silk is associated with people of great wealth or prominent and influential personalities.

They’re chosen primarily for their smooth texture and premium appearance.