Blankets That Stay Cool

The type of blankets that people use must be specific to the current season in their area. It would be illogical to use a thick blanket during summer or a thin one during winter. To be comfortable, the use of blankets must maintain the right body temperature.

There must be a balance. If the person gets too warm or too cold, he or she will no longer be comfortable.

Relying on your home’s AC or heater to make you comfortable comes at a price.

If you want to consider cheaper alternatives, the use of the appropriate blankets should be a viable choice. Before you go out shopping for the blankets that cool you down or the best comforter for hot sleepers, you must know what kind of sleeper you are.

Are you a hot or cold sleeper?

Hot sleeper

Sweating is the body’s natural response to prevent over-heating. The person’s core body temperature rises when they’re physically active.

A hot sleeper is someone who easily sweats even if they’re just resting. Use a blanket that keeps you cool at night to be comfortable. It should absorb and wick moisture away from the body to regulate your body temperature.

Cold sleeper

Those who always experience cold toes at night or shiver whenever a cool breeze passes by. They need to use thicker blankets to keep them warm and maintain their body temperature. Also needs to wear socks at night to help keep their feet warm.

What are the blankets that keep you cool at night?

Blankets made of breathable and highly-absorbent materials like cotton, bamboo fibers, or linen effectively keep you comfortable all throughout the night. The materials they’re made of quickly absorbs moisture and sweat. Even if they keep you warm, they still won’t make you sweat.

The ideal room temperature for staying comfortable at night is around 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. High levels of humidity will only make you uncomfortable.

The best blankets for summer found on Amazon priced from the lowest to highest.

1)    Intelligent Design Microlight Plush Oversized blanket - $25

2)    Breathable thermal cotton throw blanket - $30

3)    Lavish Home Chevron 100% Egyptian cotton blanket - $33

4)    Cotton Thermal Blanket - $40

5)    Natural bamboo fiber throw blanket - $50

6)    Pure flax linen blanket - $89

7)    Downlite Down Blanket - $100

8)    Mulberry silk blanket - $100

What are the best comforters for hot sleepers?

1)    Hannah Kay Year-Round Down Alternative Comforter - $27

The breathable microfiber cover is moisture resistant and designed to keep you cool and warm at the same time. The 77-ounce filling is enough to keep you warm, but not up to the point of overheating. It’s made from hypoallergenic materials.

2)    Zen Bamboo Luxury Goose Down Alternative Comforter - $30

The brushed bamboo and microfiber material work together to keep you cool, warm, and dry all the same time. It has a hypoallergenic and wrinkle-resistant fabric. Don’t worry about maintenance as this comforter is machine washable. Comes in white, ivory, sage, navy, chocolate, or gray.

3)    Superior Classic All-Season Down Comforter - $34

Made with 100% polyester microfiber. The sewn-through baffle box construction with double needle stitching makes sure the fillings stay evenly distributed. Comes in 12 fun shades though the most popular are orange, coral, and turquoise.

4)    Outlast Temperature Regulating Comforter - $65

A 100% cotton sateen comforter. It’s Constructed with 50% polyester fiberfill and 50% Outlast Technology that regulates your body temperature while you sleep.

5)    ClimaBalance Goose Down Alternative comforter - $80

Lightweight and made of hypoallergenic materials. The company claims it can Improve deep sleep phases by 50% and transfers humidity three times faster than other comforters. The little mesh vents make it a breathable comforter to help you stay cool throughout the night.

6)    EvenTemp Temperature Balancing Comforter - $94

The rate it wicks away moisture depends on the user’s body temperature to keep it regulated. If the person has a cooler body temperature, it slowly wicks the moisture away to keep them warm. If the user has a warmer body temperature, it wicks moisture faster to prevent it from rising any further.

7)    DreamTekSummer Comforter - $110

It has a 300-thread count cotton cover. It's also stuffed with hypoallergenic down filling. The snap feature allows you to attach one comforter on top of the other quickly. Ideal for couples with different body temperatures while sleeping. Most of all, it’s safe for use in the washing machine and dryer.

8)    Ave Maria Down Alternative Duvet Comforter - $308

The outer sheets are made of cotton and filled with 100% Alpaca wool that comes from Peru. Alpaca is a lighter and more durable kind of wool. It’s also lanolin-free and hypoallergenic. 

9)    LilySilk All-Season Silk Comforter - $499

One of the most expensive comforters you can find on Amazon. This comforter, made of mulberry silk and stuffed with long strand mulberry silk floss, will regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable.